Ministry Support Team

Since 2006, the congregation of St. Barnabas has been led by a ministry support team trained by the Diocese of Michigan, each team member ordained or commissioned in one or more areas of ministry. Each of our ministry support team members is commissioned or ordained for sacramental ministry, preaching, pastoral care, Christian education or administration. Most people are surprised to learn that no one on our ministry support team is paid.

All our team members serve on a volunteer basis. Each has been called by God to serve the congregation here at St. Barnabas. And despite the volunteer status of our team, we don’t feel deprived! On the contrary, we are privileged to have a wonderful team with many important gifts and top-notch skills—and a team that has devoted so much of their lives to our lives. They keep us hopping. And thinking, and praying, and singing, and giving.

Allow us to introduce you to our illustrious team members:

Ministry Support Team

St. Barnabas Total Ministry Team
The Bishop and the Total Ministry Team at St. Barnabas, November 11, 2020.

Kathy O’Connell, Education and Administration
Nancy Scott, Hospitality and Pastoral Care
The Rev. Bill Stech, Priest
The Rev. Marion VanLoo, Priest

Bishop's Committee

  • K. O'Connell, 2023 Warden
  • K. Jensen, 2023 Warden
  • S. Moffett
  • J. Schubring
  • N. Scott
  • M. Vigilanti
  • L. Kalmbach

Kathy O'ConnellKathy O'Connell

Commissioned for Christian education and administration 20 Nov 2010. I was commissioned for Christian education and administration on November 20, 2010, along with the rest of the second-generation ministry support team. I am married and have one son, and have lived in Chelsea for 20 years. After the horrific events of 9/11, I felt compelled to return to church. I've always been an organizer and scheduler. I work at the Common Grill as a baker. What I enjoy most about serving God at St. Barnabas is watching the congregation members grow into their faith. Understanding that God is an everyday part of their lives—not just a "Sunday" thing.

Nancy ScottNancy Scott

Commissioned for hospitality and pastoral care 20 Nov 2010. I was called by the congregation of St. Barnabas to be part of the second-generation ministry support team, and was discerned to have particular gifts for hospitality and pastoral care. On November 20, 2010, I was commissioned with the rest of the second-generation team by Bishop Gibbs, by the laying on of hands, in the apostolic tradition. That day has changed my life in ways I never could foresee. I find great joy and pleasure in serving the community of St. Barnabas and all others that I encounter. Read Nancy's article, "It's Been Awhile."

Fr. Bill Stech

Ordained to the priesthood 20 Nov 2010.

Marion VanLooMarion Van Loo

I first felt the call of God to be a leader of worship, a preacher and teacher, and a celebrant of the sacrament of the Church in 1985. When I joined St Barnabas in 2015, I was upheld in my call and discerned for the priesthood. After completing a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in 2018 and graduating from the Episcopal Diocese of Michigan’s Academy for Vocational Leadership in 2019, I was ordained Deacon. I was ordained Priest in November 2020. I have been part of the Ministry Support Team since 2016, and it is a blessing for me to be able to serve in this capacity.