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The Peace Garden

The Peace Garden ministry is to promote biodiversity among our gardens and create a habitat for all native species. It was created with that mission in mind.

Saint Barnabas Peace Garden: A Native Michigan Plant Garden

Native plants require less fertilizing, watering and spraying, and are a welcome addition to any garden.  So why don’t more people plant them?

Most people are unaware of the existence of native plants, but a little research pays off big when planting Michigan native species.

    Native plants have many benefits beyond labor saving, although that is one of the most immediate benefits to the gardener. Native plants are uniquely adapted to Michigan soil, climate and water levels; this means they are much more drought / freeze resistant. Their extensive root systems help break up clay, prevent soil erosion and water runoff, filter out pollutants, and rebuild soil. Furthermore, native plants require no fertilizer, winter protection, or additional watering after the first year. Native plants also stay green longer, thus slowing down wildfires.

    Choosing native plants reduces the risk of non-native pests and invasive species entering the ecosystem. Native plants are less susceptible to disease and pest attacks, and are much less invasive. Most common weeds are, in fact, non-native.

    By planting native Michigan species, we support our unique natural habitats, biodiversity and, in turn, support wildlife that depend on them. For example, a higher quality of food is provided for wildlife by native plants, leading to healthier wildlife. Many native wildlife species require very specific plants to survive, such as the Monarch butterfly, which needs several Milkweed species found in Michigan to live.


Spring has arrived at the peace gardens! We had fun doing some spring clean-up and seeing some of the signs of spring already in progress!