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Our liturgy—or order of worship or service—is drawn from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (BCP), which is itself a Bible-based book of worship containing the major services of the church, as well as occasional services, prayers, scripture readings, canticles, and much more. But because many people (especially visitors) are not familiar enough with the BCP to navigate it easily, we usually use a printed bulletin for services at St. Barnabas. We also use large print, which makes for easier reading and participation.

It’s not easy to categorize St. Barnabas as high church or low churchBroad church might be more accurate. We incorporate elements of both “high” and “low” forms of worship. We use vestments, but often deliver the sermon away from the pulpit. We sometimes use incense to celebrate high holy days, but incorporate contemporary praise choruses—even original music—in our services. There are many ways to worship God!

Our liturgy revolves around a church year, made up of special seasons reflective of the life of Christ. Here are some further “seasonal” details.