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It’s Been Awhile

by Nancy Scott

Has some time passed since you have been to church? Do you promise yourself that you’ll go and then you don’t follow through? Reconnecting with God can be one of the hardest things you ever do.

I myself stopped going to church for many, many years. As a child and young adult I attended regularly. As my life changed, I no longer went to church. I was now divorced and living in a relationship without benefit of a marriage ceremony. I felt I was not living the life of a good Christian. I now know that God was not judging me, and that I was the one with the excuses. One day I just stopped with the excuses. But wanting to return and actually doing it were two different things. I needed a push to get going. My young granddaughter wanted to attend St. Barnabas vacation Bible school. It was just the small step I needed, but what an important step it was! As I took her to church, I knew I was walking in the right direction again.

Do you need to take that first step?