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Worship in the Christmas Season

The celebration of Christmas will begin with worship at 8:00 p.m. on December 24, 2017. A Service of Lessons and Carols will be offered. This service is a beautiful way to welcome the Christ Child's birth, and to give thanks to God for this greatest gift to us.

On Christmas Day, a service of Holy Eucharist will be held at 10:00 a.m., and also on December 31 at 10:00 a.m.

The twelve-day Christmas Season is a wonderfully festive time of year, and a perfect time to cultivate our gratitude to God. A blessed season to all!


Your Last Wishes Are Important

No one wants to think about funerals, especially one’s own. But it is much easier to give it some thought while you can express your wishes about it, rather than waiting until your family has to figure it out on their own. To help with this necessary activity, St Barnabas Church has designed a form to guide your thinking and planning.

Another purpose of this form is to assist the church in carrying out your wishes, and to contact those you want notified, if necessary. The information is confidential and will be kept at St. Barnabas in a private file. You may place other relevant important documents and information that might be of assistance to the ministers in this file as well, such as a copy of an Advance Directive. You, your legal personal representative, or a person you designate at the end of this form, may have your documents removed or destroyed upon request. Revisions should be made whenever changes occur in the information you have provided.

Funeral/Memorial Services at St. Barnabas emphasize enduring memories that bring inspiration and comfort to surviving family and friends. We intend to use the information provided to help us create a service, which reflects your values and priorities. We also encourage you to talk about this information with family and friends.

You can access the form HERE (PDF). Please contact any member of the Ministry Team if you would prefer a pre-printed form.


Advent Worship Opportunities: December 2017

There will be several meditative worship services offered during the days of Advent. Many times, this season jangles the nerves, wears on the body, and stresses the spirit. A brief time to pull back from the busy word into a holy hush may be just what will restore you to the calm yet expectant mind that is one of the purposes of Advent.

On Thursday, December 7 and December 14, there will be an Anglican Prayer Bead Meditation service. This simple service of quiet prayer is done using the Episcopal version of the rosary. Many of our members have made their own prayer bead sets; please bring them when you come to the service. For those who don’t have Anglican prayer beads, there will be some sets available for your use. We will be praying some particularly Advent-focused prayers.

The Prayer Bead services will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will likely last under one half-hour.

The other worship opportunities come in the last week before Christmas. Beginning on Sunday, December 17 and running every evening through December 23, special services of Evening Prayer will be offered. What makes these Advent services special is the focus of them all: the coming of our savior. A set of seven prayers, known as the “O Antiphons” will be offered, one each evening. The Antiphons have been prayed by the Church for centuries, and are best known to modern Christians as the verses of the hymn “O come, o come, Emmanuel.” They are beautiful as they are prayed in words, in music, and in meditation.

The O Antiphon services will begin at 6:00 pm each evening, and will likely run around one half-hour.

Please consider attending as many of these calm and bright spots in December. Join your brothers and sisters in prayerful anticipation of the birth of our Lord.

, A comfortable corner for reading, The Library , Part of the growing collection, Time to get reading!

St Barnabas Church Library

Christians have always been "people of the book." This love and encouragement of reading is extended beyond Scripture to include many books that inspire, challenge, expand and comfort people. The Library of St Barnabas Church is building a set of resources that will do these things for our congregation.

The collection is currently made up of around 350 titles- books, and the occasional video or audio material. Housed in an updated, cozy section of the lower level, we have books of prayers and books about how to pray, books on theology and spirituality, books about the Episcopal Church, and books about living a Christian life in the world. Readers involved in Bible studies, or in exploration of their personal lives and ministries, will find material to support their efforts. Those searching for an interesting story can discover novels whose authors write with a "sanctified imagination,” and many past selections of the St Barnabas Book Club.

The Library is growing, and will be the better for donations of relevant items, and suggestions for titles that could be added to the collection. Please let Marion know if you have thoughts on this.

Each month, a “Readings from St. B’s Library” blog will be posted on the church’s web site. They feature materials on segments of the collections, i.e. saints’ days that fall during a month, material focused on a season or upcoming event, or just interesting things that St B readers may not have yet discovered.

Contact the Librarian for more information.


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