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Your Last Wishes Are Important

No one wants to think about funerals, especially one’s own. But it is much easier to give it some thought while you can express your wishes about it, rather than waiting until your family has to figure it out on their own. To help with this necessary activity, St Barnabas Church has designed a form to guide your thinking and planning.

Another purpose of this form is to assist the church in carrying out your wishes, and to contact those you want notified, if necessary. The information is confidential and will be kept at St. Barnabas in a private file. You may place other relevant important documents and information that might be of assistance to the ministers in this file as well, such as a copy of an Advance Directive. You, your legal personal representative, or a person you designate at the end of this form, may have your documents removed or destroyed upon request. Revisions should be made whenever changes occur in the information you have provided.

Funeral/Memorial Services at St. Barnabas emphasize enduring memories that bring inspiration and comfort to surviving family and friends. We intend to use the information provided to help us create a service, which reflects your values and priorities. We also encourage you to talk about this information with family and friends.

You can access the form HERE (PDF). Please contact any member of the Ministry Team if you would prefer a pre-printed form.