Quilt Mania

Blessing of quilts for VA vets

Eleven quilts made by our Guild were blessed and donated to the VA Hospital in Ann Arbor this past April, 2014.

Annabelle shows off her work

Annabelle proudly displaying her work at one of our quilt workshops.

Our Aloha Quilt

The “Aloha Quilt” above was made to earn money for our Guild so we could purchase supplies for future quilts.

Quilt show sale

This quilt was sold at one of our quilt show events.

The St. Barnabas quilters have been stitching up quite a stir for the last several years. About 2009, Mary Hayman—who had always loved making quilts—wanted to find a way to use her passion to help others. The St. Barnabas Quilter’s Guild is the result, and they’ve been fulfilling their mission “to make charity quilts for children and adults in need of comfort” ever since. And may we say that quite a bit of fun, camaraderie and fellowship is enjoyed while those needles are flying!

The Guild has donated quilts to Hearts Community Services, kids in a homeless shelter, premies at St. Joseph Hospital, veterans at the VA Hospital—and of course, have used their crafts to beautify our own place of worship and help us mark the seasons of the church year. We’ve also created and sold fabric grocery bags to help conserve the environment and as carrying bags for the homeless.

Want to ply your craft—or learn the craft—and help your community neighbors at the same time? Come join us for one of our workshops or other events! You don’t have to be an expert.