Gardening for Peace

St. B Peace Garden location

Come stroll through the St. Barnabas Peace Garden.
It’s on the west side of the parking lot.

Peace Garden entrance

Peace Garden entrance is on the
west side of the parking lot.

Peace Garden sign

Peace Garden sign

Rustic trellis

Rustic trellis

Plant markers

Plants are marked so you can
take a peaceful stroll and
learn at the same time.

Info box

Take an info sheet at the
garden entrance to find out more
information about the native plantings.
(Kindly return it when you’re done.)

In 2011, some of our parishioners decided that one garden wasn't enough (see Food for All to find out more about the other one). Perhaps a garden to feed the soul as well as the stomach? So our intrepid gardeners started researching available grants and clearing the west wood.

With the generous help of the Michigan Wildflower Association, Washtenaw County Master Gardener Association, and Covenant 5, the Peace Garden was created as a place of meditation and prayer. Being ecologically minded, we also wanted our garden to feature native Michigan plants, and to be a place we could use to educate our members and community about the importance of conserving our native plants and natural habitat.

We hope to encourage others to relish the beauty of the native flora around us, and to just stop for a moment, breathe, and enjoy. We hope to plant as many native species as possible. Another goal is to encourage our church members and community to take part in creating this woodland sanctuary.

The St. Barnabas Peace Garden is open to all, and we are working to make it as accessible as possible. Have questions? Want to pick up a spade and join in? Why not start by coming to visit and taking a stroll through the garden. Then see Mary Hayman, Alan or Kitty Jensen or Lynn Arnold for more details.

Peace to you, from our Lord Jesus Christ.