Food for the Hungry

The eradication of hunger is one of our major goals as a diocese and national church, and we strive to remain active on this front. In 2007, we were one of the first in our area to dig up part of our front lawn and plant a garden as part of the "Plant a Row for the Hungry" program. We thought it was a simple, visible way we could do something to help fix the huge problem of hunger and raise awareness at the same time.

Our garden is located on the lawn in front of the church on Old US 12, just west of M-52 and across from the fairgrounds. Our first year was a big one: we donated over 1200 pounds of produce to Food Gatherers. Over the seasons, we've grown vegetables, collected them from local gardeners, gathered canned and dry goods and staples, and donated over three tons of food to Food Gatherers, Hearts Community Service and Faith In Action.

We've also been collecting dry and canned food staples for the pantry on an ongoing basis. Food Gatherers is experiencing all-time high demands during these difficult economic times. Find out more at foodgatherers.org. Canned and dry food staples are also donated to Hearts Community Services and Faith in Action.

If you have produce, dry or canned food you could give to help feed the hungry around us, please contact us at your earliest convenience!

Food Donations

Season Produce (lbs) Canned/dry (lbs) Total (lbs)
2013 451 643 1094
2012 532 431 963
2011 391 493 884
2010 581 412 993
2009–2010 412 564 976
2008–2009 855 250 1105
2007–2008 1264 0 1264
TOTALS 4074 2793 6867