Contact Us

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church
20500 West Old U.S. 12
Chelsea MI 48118
(734) 475-8818

E-mail address: sbinfo@stbarnabaschelsea.org

Ministry Support Team

Kathy O'Connell, Education and Administration
Kelly Scheu, Lay Preacher
Nancy Scott, Pastoral Care
Father Bill Stech, Priest
Marion VanLoo, Intern
Jan Varady, Pastoral Care

Bishop's Committee

W. Arnold, 2019: Warden
P. Doerr, 2021: Warden
M. Hayman, 2020
P. Hepburn, 2020
N. McNutt, 2019
K. O’Connell, 2020
N. Scott, 2019

Come visit

We are located at 20500 Old US 12 in Chelsea, Michigan. Here's a Google map. Use this link to get directions from wherever you are. Our phone number is 734.475.8818.