St Barnabas Church Library

Christians have always been "people of the book." This love and encouragement of reading is extended beyond Scripture to include many books that inspire, challenge, expand and comfort people. The Library of St Barnabas Church is building a set of resources that will do these things for our congregation.

The collection is currently made up of around 350 titles- books, and the occasional video or audio material. Housed in an updated, cozy section of the lower level, we have books of prayers and books about how to pray, books on theology and spirituality, books about the Episcopal Church, and books about living a Christian life in the world. Readers involved in Bible studies, or in exploration of their personal lives and ministries, will find material to support their efforts. Those searching for an interesting story can discover novels whose authors write with a "sanctified imagination,” and many past selections of the St Barnabas Book Club.

The Library is growing, and will be the better for donations of relevant items, and suggestions for titles that could be added to the collection. Please let Marion know if you have thoughts on this.

Each month, a “Readings from St. B’s Library” blog will be posted on the church’s web site. They feature materials on segments of the collections, i.e. saints’ days that fall during a month, material focused on a season or upcoming event, or just interesting things that St B readers may not have yet discovered.

Contact the Librarian for more information.

Palm Prayer Procession throughout Downtown Chelsea

Join us as we pray for our community and its workers.
We will meet at Faith in Action parking lot at NOON.


1. FAITH IN ACTION - social services
2. CHELSEA COMMUNITY HOSPITAL - healthcare providers
3. CHELSEA POLICE STATION - law enforcement
4. CHELSEA CITY HALL - local government
7. CHELSEA AREA FIRE AUTHORITY - firefighters/emergency personnel
8. FLAG POLE - military/veterans
9. COURT HOUSE - social justice
10. HISTORIC MARKER - artists & musicians
11. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE - business & agricultural/civic groups
12. PALMER PARKING LOT - for the human family 

Ashes to Go in Chelsea

Ashes to go

St. Barnabas will once again provide ashes to anyone who wishes to receive them at the Park N Ride at I94 and M52(MainSt). People will be invited to reflect and renew their faith and receive ashes as a sign of their commitment to do so. Ashes will be available from 7am to 9am at the Park n Ride and also at 7pm at St Barnabas Episcopal Church 20500 Old US 12 in Chelsea.