All Means All

Have you been hurt by the church in the past? Rejected or judged by family or fellow Christians? Marginalized by the church and society? You are welcome in God's family here at St. Barnabas. We look forward to meeting you and walking with you as you seek to discover and follow God's call.

Because we believe that Jesus calls all to God’s table, we extend that welcome, regardless of race, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other category used to divide us from God. We recognize that the fullness of God is revealed in the diversity of God’s people and that our exclusions hinder not only our relationships with others, but our relationship with God.

Reaching out to all people in the community around us—especially those marginalized by society—is absolutely vital to the life of our parish.

Many people and groups of people have been made to feel unwelcome in society and in our churches. One particular community that has been marginalized in this way has been the LGBT community. The LGBT community particularly has been isolated, disenfranchised and discriminated against by society, and unfortunately by the church, for many years. But we believe that all are welcome at God's table. So no matter what the gender or color of your partner, or if you don't have a partner, we welcome you. We are an “open and affirming” congregation, and are committed to living that way, day by day.

Accessibility is a priority

We became aware that some of our parishioners and visitors and guests were unable to go downstairs to use the restrooms or join friends for coffee after services, and we wanted to make sure everyone could participate equally. We also wanted to open the building to the community for various functions, so something had to be done. So, in 2010, we expanded our narthex, re-engineered its entrance, and added a handicapped-accessible restroom on the first floor.

And we didn’t stop there! We moved the communion rail, so coming forward to take communion no longer requires going up steps. We also removed a couple of the pews so we could more easily accommodate those in wheelchairs. We are barrier free!

Have trouble hearing? We have a good sound reinforcement system to make sure you can hear the service. And if you have hearing aid coils (T-coils), you can tune in to our audio loop, too. Ushers can help you find a seat for optimal hearing!